What It Takes to Be Heard

Oct 14, 2013 | Music
I was very happy to be asked to write on a topic near and dear for Chamber Music’s diversity issue (the online magazine for Chamber Music America edited with grace and wisdom by Ellen Goldensohn). I discuss some of the issues and challenges that face black female composers–as experienced and interpreted by local composers Renee’ Baker, Dolores White and Regina Harris Baiocchi:
What It Takes to Be Heard

by Monica Hairston O’Connell
Diversity, as an institutional force anyway, can be lazy.  Ironically, the one is frequently called upon to stand in for the many and is all too often the beginning and end of diversity’s quest.  A good thing about the Center for Black Music Research – where I work – is that it continually points to the many, through its publications, performance and educational programming, information services, and research initiatives.  This iterative strategy is an important one, because diversity, as an institutional force, can also be hard of hearing.  With this in mind, I chose for this article to feature the voices of, if not the many, at least the multiple…
I hope you will read the rest of the article and the rest of this important issue here: http://www.chamber-music.org/mag/2013/fall/index.html
Page 106  start.
Shout outs to William Zick at Africlassical and John Malveaux for helping spread the work about the article, the issue, and most importantly, the gorgeous work of these three extraordinary composers!

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