Artists Make Archives Make Artists

Feb 26, 2013 | Events

My SphinxCon presentation laid out a very simple premise: that our diverse arts and culture archives should be considered an important hub in sustainably diverse arts ecosystems. I include my (rough) presentation notes below. Many thanks to Jaquay “J.J.” McNeal, Columbia College student and former CBMR student worker for his terrific work in designing the … Read more »

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SphinxCon: Quick and Dirty First Thoughts

Feb 24, 2013 | Events

I attended the inaugural SphinxCon  last weekend. Sphinx Organization founder and SphinxCon creator and host Aaron Dworkin pointedly and repeatedly clarified that a) the “con” in SphinxCon refers to the conversations he hoped the event enabled not necessarily to the idea of conference (as many of us probably assumed) and b) this inagural event was … Read more »

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