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How do we improve the prospects of using audio to produce scholarship? Soundbox is a collaborative doctoral project at Duke University that seeks to answer this question. This two-year initiative “aims to enhance the practice of using sound in scholarly productions” and is led by Mary Caton Lingold, Darren Mueller, and Whitney Trettien. The seriousness of their mission is balanced and in fact driven by creativity, willingness to just try (and possibly fail), and an inspiring and intense sense of play. They document their work, inspirations, and experiments here. You can check out a podcast about their TweetASound project on the Sounding Out blog.

Soundbox will culminate in the publication of a collection of digital provocations.

The Call is out. The deadline is April 1!

From their website:

Call for Provocations

Pro-vocare: Sound Ideas
a new collection of sonically-inspiring projects

Deadline for Proposals: April 1, 2013

Over the next year, Soundbox will stage a series of provocations – from the Latin pro-vocare, “to call forth” — that confront the current sound of knowledge. Collectively, these provocations will showcase some of the most innovative uses of sound in scholarly settings, both creative and critical. Documentation of these collected works will be published on the web as a multimodal open-access book. This resource aims to provoke more noisy t(h)inkering within the fields of sound studies, digital humanities, and the audio arts and sciences writ large.

Toward that end, the Soundbox project solicits proposals for “provocations.” These can take a variety of forms, including but not limited to:

  • events or experiments, staged at any location, both online and off
  • ongoing installations produced collaboratively with institutions such as museums or libraries
  • a tool or plug-in, either real or speculative
  • experimental new ways of using existing tools
  • a digital essay, produced by an individual or collaboratively
  • a creation produced over virtual networks
  • soundscapes and other sonic productions

Provocations will be related through their commitment to engaging with sonic materials in a way that offers new insight into the intersection of sound and knowledge-making. Selections will not be based around a particular historical period, culture, methodology, or set of aesthetic objects, but rather will be connected through an ethos of play, experimentation, and social interaction. In other words, their aggregated value lies less in what they say together, and more in how they say it.

Interesting, right? Find the complete CFP here.

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